About Our Program

Our Savior Lutheran Preschool is open to children of all beliefs and denominations.  Our program is directed toward helping children grow in the following areas: Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Artistic.  Since the core of our curriculum is Christian, the children are also taught Bible stories, Bible verses, songs, and engage in discussions about the Faith. 

We teach the children Kindergarten readiness skills, such as, thinking skills, pre-math, and language development.  Children also develop control and coordination by working on fine and gross motor skills through cutting, writing, painting, exercise, play, and movement.  We emphasize the self worth of each child by instilling in them self confidence and a positive self image.  We strive to provide each child with a secure and happy environment.  Social relationships are built in our classroom through free play and dramatic play while also giving them outlets for self expression through art, painting, fingerplays, and songs. 

Our Savior Lutheran Preschool is a Christ-centered mission of Our Savior Lutheran Church.  It is our goal to minister to the spiritual, mental, and physical growth of all children enrolled in the preschool program.