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Women's League
All ladies who are confirmed members of Our Savior are automatically part of the Women's League, and are welcomed and encouraged to take part in all meetings and activities!

Officers and Directors
Secretary, Wendy Smith
Treasurer, Rose Stephenson
Pam Lueke, Deb Musolff, Janis Brining, Kelsey Brown, Denise Warner, Missy Auger, Dorothy Anderson, Shelda Crosby, Sarah Durr


Funeral Dinners
The League provides dinners for the family following the funeral. The number women able to work at the funerals is dwindling - please think about volunteering to help. Call the Office, Judy Ostrander or Rita Otto to be put on the list of volunteers.

The women have been crocheting and quilting blankets that are given to babies as they are baptized. The babies also received an embroidered napkin, a small banner and a candle.

Stamps, Coupons, Small Gift Items and Greeting Cards Needed
All of the following items can be left with Betty Burkhard or in the wall box outside the Church Office.
Gift Items: Note cards, jewelry, candy, puzzle books, small decorative items, etc. These are mostly used for game prizes.
Stamps must have a ¼” border left around them.
Greeting Cards of all kinds are needed.
Christmas ones are used to make Christmas Story Booklets for shut-ins, and others for craft projects
at our local nursing homes.
Current coupons, can tabs and labels are also items that can be saved and used.
Expired coupons, (not more than two months) can be brought to the church to be sent to soldiers overseas.
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